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To understand the terms specified in our security practices and policies about your data and how we will use it, please carefully read this plan. Please stop using our site right away if the agreements don’t sit well with you. Please be aware that by accessing this website, we’ll assume that you accept the security precautions outlined above.

Data We Require

We gather many types of information from and about website visitors, like:

Personal Information’

This refers to details that distinctly identify you as a person, such as Name, address(es), Phone number(s), Email address, Credit and check card number, and related data like media account ID, Visa number etc.

Additional Details

We might also store records of your online browsing and shopping patterns, as well as your previous transactions. Additional private information, such as your preferences or needs for travel, that you give us when you get in touch with us or book any trip packages. Additionally, the details of your reservation, like the loading time, the place you’re going, etc. You recognise that you have the right to do so and grant us permission to use the data in accordance with our privacy statement if you do, however, disclose any personal information regarding our services to third parties.


It allows us to monitor which sites you find valuable and which ones you don’t. The only “actually recognised data” about you or your computer that cookies give us access to is the information you choose to share with us. The decision to accept or reject cookies rests with the client.

For Reservations

We may utilize the name of the account holder, credit/debit card numbers, expiration dates, banking information, wallet information, and other personally identifiable data to organize travel (flight booking, inn booking). Additionally, we may use your personal data for a range of reasons, including but not restricted to:

  • Confirm the dates and times of your appointment
  • Keep you informed of the swap’s progress.
  • Reservation confirmations should be sent.
  • Send corrections and changes for your reservations.
  • Permit our customer care agent to get in touch with you if necessary.
  • Our website’s, mobile site’s, and portable application’s content can all be customized to suit requirements.
  • demand for upgrades or product or service audits.
  • Send email or message recipients(s).

Suppliers/ Coops

In order for our business partners to fulfill your booking requirements, including airlines, hotels, and other service providers, we also share your information with them. When making the reservation, make sure we have your consent to share your information with the aforementioned specialized co-ops/providers. We have no control over how the end specialist co-ops or providers utilize the data provided to them because it is covered by their security plan, though. You are therefore encouraged to look into the safety precautions for the particular helper/provider whose services you wish to use. Client lists and other user data are never rented out or sold to outside parties. Similar Organizations

Only our business/coalition partners or vendors with whom we have agreements to supply various travel services receive information from us. To enhance our administrative capacities and deliver more specialized support, we may disclose your personal information to our members or auxiliary who are bound by or regularly supervised.

Withdrawal of Consent

The client has the option to decline providing any, all, or neither personal information nor any authorizations on their tablet or mobile, as was previously said. In the unusual event that you decide to do so, you won’t be able to access the Website.

Note: Future modifications may modify our privacy policy at any moment and without previous notice. Unless a User expressly withdraws their authorisation for Airlinesmatix to access and use their information, all Users will be impacted by changes to the privacy policy. You can always email us at if you have any queries regarding this privacy statement. Airlinesmatix will try to address any queries or worries that are valid.