Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the Terms & Conditions agreements page before visiting our site and its contents. You should support these terms and conditions because they are the only foundation for the indicated services. We want you to be aware that accessing this site constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms and conditions. The cited pointers could be changed or revised at any time, at our sole discretion.

  • Payment clearance is necessary for us to guarantee and provide all of our services prior to the aircraft taking off. If you want to pay us with a money order, you might need to wait until the check clears before getting your tickets and travel itinerary.
  • The following conditions are in effect: We assume responsibility only for the simple reimbursement of your ticket cost in the event that a flight is cancelled prior to the scheduled departure date.
  • An outing or office may be eliminated at any time if the organization supports, distributes, or modifies it. We are not liable for any compensation, additional expenses incurred, or tragic incidents caused by the passenger or group.
  • Without the team’s prior written consent, no definition, representation, term, or condition included in this or any organization’s brochure may be changed, added to, postponed, or otherwise modified.
  • We, as a company, will never be held responsible for any tragedy, catastrophe, misadventure, mishap, or other occurrence that could lead to an accident, illness, personal loss, injury, delay, higher cost, or consequential harm to any traveller or group. Any airline, travel-related specialized cooperative, expert, or employee of the specialist organization that results in a demonstration or default may be held accountable for providing housing, food, and transportation for the passenger or group.
  • We reserve the right to charge an additional fee in the event that there is a change in the exchange rate or the difference between the exchange rate and the cost of fuel before takeoff. If a cost rise materializes, it ought to be fully resolved.
  • It is the responsibility of the tourist or group to always have their formal identifying documents, such as identification cards and visas, on them. The traveller must read and understand all of the criteria and have the appropriate documents with them before boarding a flight. Assume that any such travel-related archives have been cancelled, dismissed, or removed by the authority. All things considered, any unforeseen additional costs will be the traveller’s responsibility.
  • You need a visa or another type of travel authorization if you’re taking a domestic visit flight. We are not responsible for the aforementioned issue(s).
  • The price of the insurance is paid separately from the ticket. Throughout the entire tour, restrictions, standards, and norms apply to all related programmes and bundles. We are not liable for any effects that these restrictions or a natural disaster may have.